Tricks to Score a Designer Bag for Less

Michael Kors, Fendi, Louie Vuitton, Chloe….. your list of favorite designers is way too long. Agreed, having hands on an exclusive designer bag adds that last touch of regal and chic tints to a dapper ensemble! Wish to look drop-dead-gorgeous and also witness a few eye-balls popping out of envy? A bag is certainly the […]

The One Trick That Will Make Your Bag Look More Expensive

Think about it – do you always need to own expensive things to look swanky and upscale? Not really! Staying chic can be easier than you think. Bags are undeniably a crucial part of your whole ensemble. It casts a regal impression and certainly tops the charts of things needed to look breathtakingly fashionable. Shelling […]

The Five Bag Styles You Will Carry Forever

Fashion keeps evolving. Some styles are short-lived while others have been in vogue for ages. Just like a pair of denims will never run out in fashion, some bags are designed to rule the circles forever. Investing in these dapper and timeless bags is worth every cent. So making a wise pick is very crucial. […]