Choosing the Right Dress for the Right Body Type


Donning a flattering dress to look drop-dead-gorgeous is desired by all women – agreed? Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a perfectly toned body. There are a few parts you wish were either a little toned or puffed up for that flamboyant voluptuous figure. However, you don’t need to beat yourself up for not having a perfect figure. Designers at work are there for a reason. Umpteen patterns of dresses are brought on boards, catering to the diverse body types. Your job is to pick the one that highlights your best assets and camouflages the not-so-impressive ones.


Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Dresses for apple-shaped figures – When a female body is categorized as being an apple-shaped one, it essentially describes a thicker-than-usual middle or a spread-out waist. Therefore, it becomes imperative to slip into outfits that takes off attention from the not-so-appealing waistline. You should mostly target areas like the torso and wear dresses that imparts an elongated appeal. No matter how trendy or chic empire waisted outfits might appear, these are undeniably not a good option for you. Drop a chain lower on your hips for a dapper look. Pair up your dress with a structured jacket to give an illusion of a narrow shoulder.
  2. The Triangle shape – A triangle shape typically defines a body type with narrower shoulders and torso, compared to the hips. Instead of dressing up in curve-hugging fabrics, skinny jeans or oversized tops, you should always prefer dresses that gives an illusion of a fuller and symmetrical proportions. A-line cuts could work well. Infact, boat neck lines are even more wonderful.
  3. Women with small bust – Okay, you may not be well-endowed. That doesn’t take away your chances of looking sexy and mesmerizing. Do not go for dresses with plunging necklines. It only makes highlights an unimpressive section of your body. Bandeau and a little scooped neckline is beautiful. Since layered neckpieces are very much in vogue now, you can always use it for a glamorous yet voluptuous appeal.