Cool Ways to Accessorize


Do you feel turned-off watching your wardrobe stacked with the same old outfits? Think you need a whole new wardrobe makeover? Not really! Learning tricks on how to accessorize and funk up a boring look can save you pretty big bucks. With the magazines wooing all about new trends and seasonal specials, there’s no point feeling cheerless about having nothing to wear. Accessories like bags, shoes and jewelry does more than you imagine. It surely glamorizes your outmoded dresses but cherry in the cake, you get to look drop-dead-gorgeous and stand out wherever you go without necessarily shelling out riches.


The most wanted tips on the coolest ways to accessorize:

  1. Scarves could totally be your best friend – Ofcourse you’ve seen innumerable women flaunting some peppy scarf styles. Wondering how to deploy the same in your outfit? Why wait for someone to show up when online assistance is right at your fingertips! Flip through videos and images and learn multiple ways of styling the scarves. Materials could be any, cotton, silk or chiffon, what marks grades really is how well you pair up your run-of-the-mill outfit with a striking scarf style.
  2. A good bag. Period. – There’s absolutely nothing in the world of fashion that could work miracles better than a fashionable bag. Be it structured, a satchel-style, totes or a clutch, picking one appropriate for the occasion sets a bar.
  3. Jewelry – So what you are swarmed in your Monday blues? Time to set the balls rolling and battle the blues with a striking fashionista image. Jewelry certainly speaks volumes. Be it a simple pair of hooped earrings, a long chain or a classy bracelet, perking up an outfit using jewelry is easier done than thought.
  4. Shoes – It surely does the talking ladies. Flip through any paparazzi photos showcasing a trendy model or a celebrity, you will simply understand why a could pair of shoes can set every fashion error straight.