Five Classic Prints that are Always in Style


Prints are like cherry on the cake. Classic outfits are always the safest bet. However, to perk things up a bit and add excitement to a humdrum wardrobe, nothing works more elegant and better than gorgeous prints. Are you more on a heftier side? Do you feel eager to camouflage your flabs and look drop-dead-gorgeous? Well, little did you know that prints are a rescue. It magically creates an illusion of a slender, shapely waist and hips.

However, here’s a word of warning – if you think getting dolled up in a whole printed outfit could do your hourglass figure some justice and make you fashionable, that’s obviously a mistake! Instead, you can soon become a talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. Stylish? Ofcourse not! Tacky and certainly not a good dresser – thumbs up! So, stay clear from overdoing prints. It’s definitely a fashion disaster.


Knowing how to wear prints and what to pair it with are the only substantial things that matter. Remember, prints and patterns are available numbers. However, not every print could glam-up an everyday outfit. Some, those are timeless and works wonders all the time include:

  1. Stripes – Horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, monotone or colored, stripes are always in vogue. Calling these neutral patterns timeless is certainly appropriate.
  2. Animal Prints – Looking for an outfit that screams swag and sexy? Animal prints are a perfect fend to your search. It’s like incorporating fresh fashion into a regular monotone outfit.
  3. Polka Dots – Again a timeless print that has for long been a wardrobe staple. The pattern is simple and bespeak a very chic retro style.
  4. Plaid – If you are more of a casual dress lover, plaids are undoubtedly your best friend. Frankly, it had disappeared in circles quite some-time ago but has made a striking comeback. From plaid shirts and skirts to almost every outfit imaginable, including a smart little dress, the pattern is an absolute crowd-pleaser.
  5. Florals – There’s just one word – welcome spring! Fresh, vibrant and incredibly pretty, prints like florals can never go out of fashion. It’s sassy hands-down!