How to be chic?


It is common to find women going nuts over Audrey Hepburn’s swanky sense of style. She is every bit classy, well-groomed and trendsetting. Although being chic may sound as effortless and simple as a piece of pie, it really takes a lot of effort to master fashion. With oodles of changing designs, patterns, textures and colors, getting confused is very easy. The idea of staying in vogue pushes you to pick on clothes that may not be appropriate for your body type.


Sequins and rhinestones – who on earth is not mad for a little bling? However, embellishments are a make or break. If chosen carefully, it could make quite a few heads turn. On the contrary, it could potentially ruin your chic image if worn wrong. Little did you know that simple clothes could cast a charm, greater than you expected. Frankly, for that strikingly chic appeal, there are a few good things you must be aware of.

  1. Dress Right – Trends change with season but your body does not. Just because crop tops are much hyped in the fashion circles doesn’t impose you to go for it even if it highlights your figure for all the wrong reason. Always slip into outfits that accentuate your body type. Think your hip size is a bit too large? No problem! Choose attires like long-length skirts with high-waists. It not just camouflages your oversized hip but highlights your waist instead.
  2. Hair Styles – A sassy elegant image is not only about clothes. Hair styles play a pivotal role too. While you may look absolutely bewitching in a messy bun on a bright weekend afternoon, neat and well-done styles like a chignon or ponytail could scale-up the fashion quotient on any good day.