How to Choose the Right Jacket for your Body Type?


Shopping for winter-wears is rightly a hard nut to crack. Go wrong and you might look just like a pumpkin wrapped in a potato sack. To make the most of your money and fix upon a jacket that complements your body type, there’s obviously a need to understand the principles of how to choose the right jacket.

For starters, do not settle for a puffer coat. It’s an absolute bummer! Ofcourse, freezing temperatures force you to slip into the warmest and comfortable jackets of all. However, you certainly don’t want to look like a moving sleeping bag in just any piece of oversized jackets.


Here’s what you could follow:

  1. Check for options – Shopping cannot be wrapped up in a hustle…..period! While most retailers are busy hurling an avalanche of jackets and coats at your fingertips, picking one is more complex than you think. Like a color? In love with a style, maybe with the exquisite zipper addition? Well, go ahead and try out as many as you can. Check whether it accentuates your curves. Girls with a straight shape always earns the brownie points. Almost every style makes them look flamboyant. On the other hand, if you have a lovely hourglass figure, choosing styles that are nipped in the waist area is a real cracker.
  2. Learn about your body type first – A key step indeed. Instead of assuming that you might look good in a particular pattern, why don’t you do a little groundwork and learn about your figure first. The internet is flooded with ways to help figure out your very own body type. Grab a look quick.
  3. Consider your lifestyle – To reap maximum worth off a purchase, it’s important to reckon how functional the product could be. For instance, buying an expensive empire-waisted coat or a cape for regular outdoor activities is downright worthless. You can only wear it on rare occasions. Stick to your needs and make a buy accordingly.