How to Choose the Right Jeans for your Body Type?


What could possibly beat the comfyness of a perfect pair of jeans? From being butterball to slim, jeans are for all and sundry. Picking the right shape and size however, is a little harder than you think. It surely is more like a treasure hunt that takes diligence, time and effort. You don’t want to splurge on a denim that did appeal to you big in the store but soon got you frustrated as the fit was not perfect or the color was unattractive. Whether you are curvy, tall, pear-shaped or petite, slipping into the right pair of denim is a key to looking absolutely flattering.


Here’s a little denim guide to help you make the right pick.

  1. For the curvy ones – Although curvy is the new sexy, it is crucial to pick denims that casts a slimming impression in the right places. Take note of your not-so-impressive areas first. Go for jeans that are typically in the darker shade, as opposed to the tinted icy-blue ones. These beautifully camouflage your unwanted flabs for a slim and toned effect. However, if you do have a slim waist, opting for a high-rise denim will help accentuate your waist. If not, it’s always a safe-bet to pick the amazingly stylish low-rise skinny fit.
  2. For the petite ones – Super skinny cuts are your best aid for sure. Since, it is all about accentuating your limbs for a taller look, say yes to the high-waisted patterns. It cuts-down your impression of being petite and instead rewards with an illusion of added height. Try it!
  3. For the apple shaped ones – This sort of a figure involves flabbiness around the middle. Do avoid high-waisted denims and the super skinny cuts. It highlights the not-so-liked assets of yours. Go for jeans with straight leg cuts. These work wonders for such figure types.