More Secrets to Making Your Outfit Look Expensive


Shelling out riches for an expensive outfit might not sound feasible all the time. Wondering how to tackle your ritzy girl image without burning a big fat hole in your wallet? Don’t worry! You can still look dapper and not spend big bucks on trends that will only last a season. Here’s how:

  1. Laundry Secrets – Don’t you often skip following instructions clearly mentioned on the tag in the shirt or dress? If a piece of cloth demands dry wash or dry-clean only, there’s obviously a reason behind it. Adhere to these instructions please. Doing this will not just help your fabric last longer but will prevent fading of colors and texture. Remember, wrinkles, creases and all normal telltale signs like fading only casts an impression of a cheap and badly maintained outfit. Sprucing up is a sure shot way of doing your outfit a gorgeous favor.
  2. Tailor Adjustments – Fitting is key. If you thinking wearing a silhouette that fits odd could make you look drop-dead-gorgeous – you are absolutely mistaken. No matter how expensive the outfit is, it simply screams waste of money. On the contrary, sticking to cheaper options of clothing but using master assistance of tailors to wrap up adjustments for a better fit works absolute wonders. Simple tricks like nipping in your waist or scaling up the hemline for a modish pair of ankle-length trousers could make your outfit look a million bucks.
  3. An All White Ensemble – Believe it or not, an all-white outfit is chic and classy beyond doubts. For an even breathtaking look, couple it with a minimalistic sandal or a swanky pair of heels.
  4. Switch to Metal Accessories – Beyond doubt, sparkles and rhinestones are always a girl’s favorite. However, it’s important to understand that losing out on a couple of embellishments could turn down the appeal of an outfit by large. Classy metal accessories on the other hand works great when carried with flamboyance.