The Dos and Don’ts of Party Dressing

With a fun-promised party invite in your inbox, are you absolutely thrown at sixes and sevens trying to figure out the most perfect outfit? Well, for starters, stop beating yourself up. Agreed, carousing in the most dapper way possible is cool. Cherry on the cake – there are generous crowds of well-to-do handsome men waiting […]

How to Choose the Right Jeans for your Body Type?

What could possibly beat the comfyness of a perfect pair of jeans? From being butterball to slim, jeans are for all and sundry. Picking the right shape and size however, is a little harder than you think. It surely is more like a treasure hunt that takes diligence, time and effort. You don’t want to […]

Secrets to Making Your Outfit Look Expensive

Designer outfits are always a feast to the eyes. However, can average women shell out riches buying a Christian Louboutin footwear or a Gucci outfit? Probably not! Well, that’s not really a problem. Your whole ensemble could look just as classy and ritzy like any posh designer-wear without splurging on exorbitant buys. The only trick- […]

Lace-Up Sandals are the hottest shoes of the season!

This season, it’s all about lace-up sandals. Classy yet modern, these gorgeous footwear designs are undoubtedly class apart. From day-time luncheons and carousing on the beach to fancy dinners and a fun night at some club, lace-up sandals work like a perfect pair of accessory to almost any outfit. No wonder, it has successfully outdone […]

Five Classic Prints that are Always in Style

Prints are like cherry on the cake. Classic outfits are always the safest bet. However, to perk things up a bit and add excitement to a humdrum wardrobe, nothing works more elegant and better than gorgeous prints. Are you more on a heftier side? Do you feel eager to camouflage your flabs and look drop-dead-gorgeous? […]

How to be chic?

It is common to find women going nuts over Audrey Hepburn’s swanky sense of style. She is every bit classy, well-groomed and trendsetting. Although being chic may sound as effortless and simple as a piece of pie, it really takes a lot of effort to master fashion. With oodles of changing designs, patterns, textures and […]