Secrets to Making Your Outfit Look Expensive


Designer outfits are always a feast to the eyes. However, can average women shell out riches buying a Christian Louboutin footwear or a Gucci outfit? Probably not! Well, that’s not really a problem. Your whole ensemble could look just as classy and ritzy like any posh designer-wear without splurging on exorbitant buys. The only trick- learn how to pair things right!

Scribed down below is a quick guide helping you learn the secrets of making your outfit look expensive and posh.


  1. Dresses with longer hemlines look regal – Ofcourse minis and short dresses are trendsetting. However, what really bespeaks haute couture are printed dresses with long asymmetrical hemlines. It casts a very refined and regal appeal without a doubt.
  2. Donne all white – Whether it is a gown, a trouser, blazer or plain and simple jeans, white undoubtedly tops the charts of classy colors. Going all white is a safe bet that surely makes your outfit look expensive.
  3. Get your outfits tailor-fixed – Okay, slipping into an oddly shaped outfit could cast an ugly spell. To not waste money on ritzy buys, you can always droop into a good tailor’s workplace and get the outfit fitted exactly to your measurements. A well-fit piece of cloth always speaks luxury and style.
  4. Modify a regular jacket with a dapper belt – Jackets when paired with sassy simple belts look class apart. Not only is it modish but looks pretty regal as well. It certainly turns up the style quotient of a regular jacket without flaw.
  5. Too much of sparkle is a sure break – Bling everywhere might sound fancy but is a risky venture. Your outfit looks worn out and cheap if there are a couple of beads or embellishments missing. Avoiding logos could also work wonders. The simpler your outfit is, the ritzier it looks. For an enhanced appeal, pair your dress with fashionable accessories.