The Dos and Don’ts of Party Dressing


With a fun-promised party invite in your inbox, are you absolutely thrown at sixes and sevens trying to figure out the most perfect outfit? Well, for starters, stop beating yourself up. Agreed, carousing in the most dapper way possible is cool. Cherry on the cake – there are generous crowds of well-to-do handsome men waiting to be swept off their feet. However, stress at times can take a very bad toll. Instead of bowling all over with your charming appeal, you end up getting dolled up and noticed for all the wrong seasons. So, here’s how you could put a check on overdoing your outfit for parties.


The Dos:

  1. Let your accessories shine – Blingy dresses might sound apt for a party but really, they are not always good. A ravishing pair of shoes could do justice. Infact, footwear these days are sequined, embellished with rhinestones and are also up for grabs in numerous prints and textures. Slip into a regal monotone dress and pair the same with a trendsetting gorgeous shoe for a breathtaking appeal. Also, take into account layering your outfit with fashionable jewelry and statement pieces.
  2. Stack your clutch well – Okay, you need to be ready for everything when dropping by a happening party. From chap-sticks to eyeliners or a little compact, a clutch is supposed to retain all your makeup essentials for touch-ups and make-up crisis situations.

The Don’ts:

  1. Do not go crazy with hairstyles. Just because its Christmassy all around, doesn’t imply that you need to let go your straight bangs and take to curls instead.
  2. Don’t wear outfits that are extremely revealing.
  3. Slip into clothes that’s comfortable and lets you shake a limb and eat without any hassle.