The Five Bag Styles You Will Carry Forever


Fashion keeps evolving. Some styles are short-lived while others have been in vogue for ages. Just like a pair of denims will never run out in fashion, some bags are designed to rule the circles forever. Investing in these dapper and timeless bags is worth every cent. So making a wise pick is very crucial.

Here’s highlighting the five bag styles you will proudly be carrying forever:

  1. Satchel – No matter how run-of-the-mill schoolgirl fashion it sounds, satchels are always a fashionable and utility buy. Don’t forget, bags were initially designed to help girls stack in their books and carry the same with ease. Luckily, these satchels are exquisitely customized for an incredible sassy appeal. It not just offers ample space but complements a casual everyday outfit in the chicest way possible.
  2. Structured Bags – Impression of classy formal wears double when accessories like structured bags are paired well. These are timeless and casts a very refined impression. Truly chic but cleverly modish, structured bags have always been a favorite amongst working women.
  3. Clutch – Whether it’s a luncheon you are dropping by, a fancy party or an elegant conference, a good clutch in hand sets everything straight. There’s no alternative. These are bags that are hands-down fashionable. Available in gorgeous prints, structures, textures and colors, resisting a beautiful clutch is next to impossible.
  4. Cross Bags – Also known as cross body bags, there’s ample reasons why this style is always a big hit. Although a less spacious option, these bags are convenient to carry as they are hands-free. Cherry on the cake – it sums up a perfect sassy finish to a regular outfit.
  5. Tote – It is very popular. Beautiful in appearance and great for utility purposes, totes are absolute favorites. Whether you are looking to stash groceries or eager to sift out room for your laptop, a tote will always provide you the space you need.