The One Trick That Will Make Your Bag Look More Expensive


Think about it – do you always need to own expensive things to look swanky and upscale? Not really! Staying chic can be easier than you think. Bags are undeniably a crucial part of your whole ensemble. It casts a regal impression and certainly tops the charts of things needed to look breathtakingly fashionable. Shelling out riches for just a bag is not an option for many, especially for ladies with budgets.

So what, leave aspiring or saving to fetch a dream designer bag? Absolutely not! Here’s revealing one secret trick that will make your bag look way costlier than it actually is.


Spilling the beans!

Do you know what cuts-down the magical impression of a good bag? Has to be the cheap hardware it comes with. When a bag is tailored using super blingy zippers or oddly flimsy chain straps, that’s an end to your purse’s elegant and expensive appeal. A very clever way to camouflage your buy includes settling for an understated bag with less-to-minimum hardware detailing. Little did you know that a simple, sleek and minimalistic design looks upscale and chic. Go for these shiny doodads and you definitely kiss goodbye to your purse’s chances of casting a regal and expensive impression.

Monotones are safe bets. Metal accessories and unwanted chain straps scream bad pick. Avoid buying these. Hop stores and witness the breathtaking collection of subtle and simple designs. Believe it or not, these patterns work absolute wonders and makes your accessory look like filthy rich buy.