The Secret to Walking Gracefully in Heels


It’s always a pleasure to slip into shoes that make your legs look longer. Marilyn Monroe rightly stated “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. What’s not to love about an absolutely regal and sassy pair of high heels? However, mastering the art of walking in high heels in no piece of pie. It takes effort, practice and patience to do it flawlessly and in the most elegant way possible. Whether in a boardroom full of leading honchos or bar crowded with fashionistas, a good pair of shoes with heels sets everything right. Stepping out like a new born calf however, kisses goodbye to the whole show.


Studies prove that a major reason behind the discomfort encountered by women on donning high heels involve picking the wrong size. Most women end up buying a size smaller than the actual foot size. Wondering why does all the pain and discomfort pop up when wearing stilettoes? Well, maybe you are slipping into a wrong size. To help you walk with poise and stand out in a gorgeous pair of high heels, here’s sharing a few valuable tricks.

  1. Take short steps – You might be accustomed doing long strides but when wearing heels, it is always advisable to take short steps quick. It makes the whole walk look elegant and classy.
  2. Buy the right size – You don’t want to stroll wearing shoes that’s longer than your actual foot. It will slide off every now and then. Similarly, a size or two small will make your foot feel cramped and painful. Definitely check for a proper size before you shop a pair of high heels.
  3. Tilt backwards for better inclination – There’s always something worthy about maintaining a geometry. Trying to walk quick in your heels is quite a tedious activity. Leaning forward not just impose a weird posture but does harm. Tilting backwards however gives the right inclination and helps you stroll with ease.