Tricks to Score a Designer Bag for Less


Michael Kors, Fendi, Louie Vuitton, Chloe….. your list of favorite designers is way too long. Agreed, having hands on an exclusive designer bag adds that last touch of regal and chic tints to a dapper ensemble! Wish to look drop-dead-gorgeous and also witness a few eye-balls popping out of envy? A bag is certainly the most needed accessory.


Here’s the sad part – can you afford shelling out riches, almost half your hard-earned money on just a bag? Sounds very unfeasible for those not-so-ritzy business eggheads. Deep down inside, you are still a fashion enthusiast, saving every bit you can for a dream bag. Bid farewell to all your worries now. Stop putting up with a seemingly poor miser image and learn the very useful hacks today.

  1. E-Commerce sites should be your shopping go-to – Believe or not, e-commerce sites are crowd-pleasing for a reason. Sometimes, you can get hands on incredible deals, bags in this case at dirt-cheap rates. Keep tabs on discount and special season offers. These handbags are not always replicas. The bags are simply manufactured in the same country, saving large bucks on import taxes and duty charges.
  2. Pick the not-so-demanded colors – Now that’s a hack you are probably unaware of. Classic hues like black, brown and whites are all-time favorites. Hence, these bags are rarely priced low. Going for options like greens or unusual colors will help you fetch a same pattern of the same designer label at a much cheaper price. If you are still craving for those classic colors, go ahead and get it dyed elsewhere for as less as 50 bucks.
  3. Authentic second-hand sources are big time money savers – If getting hands on pre-owned stuffs does not bother you, it could clinch you a real lucrative deal.
  4. Download apps – Guess what? It’s the prevailing marketing strategy. Most retailers offer incredible discount vouchers on signing up for their newsletters or downloading their app. Using this welcome discount could potentially cut-down the costs you are planning to splurge on a handbag.

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