Wearing Military?


Military greens have been in vogue since ages. They are incredible casual smart outfits that pleases eyes for its sassy appeal as well. Although these fashionable military garments have made a comeback in the runway for the latest spring collection, frankly, it never went out of style to begin with. They are perfect for the Spring. Not too warm but just enough to help you kiss goodbye to the dripping temperatures, the adorable green jackets are too good on scales of utility.

It rightly completes a fashionable ensemble. Military jackets are certainly not similar to the wintery jackets. Instead, these outfits are more of a layering, giving your overall ensemble a very swanky yet an uber cool appeal.


Here’s how you could wear military and turn a few heads:

  1. Pair up your muted green with colorful accessories – Although green, it is a still a monotone. Pairing the same with vibrant floral printed scarves or colorful bags and fashionable accessories double the appeal factor of a regular military top.
  2. Unusual combos can work miracles at times – Are you a big fan of those super-comfy boyfriend jeans? Little did you know that slipping into a casual outfit, pairing your jeans with a regular top but layering with a stunning military jacket is great to look at. However, it is a stand-out? Sadly, not! Couple the same with a statement neckpiece and yes, please ditch those regular loafers with a beautiful pair of stiletto and you look incredibly chic and mesmerizing. Try it!
  3. Stripes and whites with military greens is an ideal match – Layer a cool green military jacket on a striped ensemble and you look nothing less than an upscale dressy woman. Use the same to complement a pair of white jeans and the outfit looks very much sassy.